The brand started long before I ever made my first drawing of a bag. It started as an experience, rather than a product - it was when my mom, who worked for the national South African airline - took me on a few trips to some really cool places like Cape Town, Mauritius and Hong Kong. I was in love with the idea that traveling could in fact, make all your dreams come true. 


I also, always wanted to be in the fashion industry - because I really love beautiful things. Everything from stunning colours and beautiful textures or the smell of leather - it did something for my soul.


Then, I love people. I love how we all want to be part of something - but to also stand out from the crowd at the same time. People want to connect, be it with their innermost selves, a significant other - or the person they think they should be. And that is exactly what I want to achieve with the brand - connecting people with the product.


As a company - we don’t manufacture bags. We make them, especially for you. 


We make them by connecting it with my European heritage - by using only the best leathers from France and Italy. 


We are inspired by my home country - South Africa. A vibrant, colourful, diverse place - that energises you from within. 


We are connected to Singapore - a smart, and innovative city, where we manufacture our pieces. This city models the future of the world - where technology and culture combines a unique way of living. 


Each and every Adrian Furstenburg bag - is a unique combination of custom design, heritage and innovation.



Every part of the design experience was incredibly fun and informative - but the best thing is the bag itself! 



This was the perfect birthday gift! Being part of the process, was a fabulous way for me to express my individuality. 



I met Adrian in Singapore and had to order my bag ASAP - as I know that his brand is going to be super successful! 



I am a self appointed brand ambassador for this amazing brand! I already have five bags and I love each one more and more!

South Africa 


Tel: +6592477868

Email: adrian@adrianfurstenburg.com

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